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Consolidation - The end of vocaloidmania?

I’m considering scaling back my posting on this blog, and post more Vocaloid stuff on my main blog, raydere.

You see, the main reason I started this blog wasn’t just to separate my variety of posts from my Vocaloid posts. Last year, I started getting into Vocaloid—specifically, Len. I didn’t want to be so open about it, especially considering what kind of interests I had as a Len fanboy; I was scared about how my friends—a good chunk being males who are male and straight—would react if they found out about this obsession. Even if my friends wouldn’t react with hostility, there remained the possibility that they would want to distance themselves from me, someone who has a fictional crush, a male one at that.

To that end, I made vocaloidmania, partly motivated to keep my Len fanboying on the down-low. I made a link to this blog in one post and then let it fall off of page 1. I kept references to this blog off of my Facebook profile, Twitter, etc. Any time I wanted to post a Len song, fanart, etc. on my FB, I’d use the post privacy feature to limit visibility to fellow cosplayers, since those sort of people would probably be less freaked out by me having this sort of interest.

But as time passed, I came to be more open about this obsession. A few friends reassured me that my fanboyisms were my own business, that those who can’t accept it aren’t really my friends. I also made friends with those share my Len fanboyishness (or in the case of some of them, fangirlishness), and I was happy to finally have friends that I could talk to about this sort of stuff. ^^

More importantly…I dated someone who is a complete fangirl over another fictional character, among other things. It was through being with her for 3 months that I realized that it’s okay to have my obsessions, so long as I don’t let them interfere too heavily with my health and don’t get immature and forceful about them. I found myself becoming more open about fanboying over fictional characters male and female, to the point where I stopped diverging my Len posts into this blog and just putting them on my main Tumblr, and posting certain fanart and songs on my Facebook with less restrictive privacy settings.

So I’m probably going to gradually phase this blog out, along with touhoumania, and just put most if not all of posts that would fit under these blogs under raydere. In addition to just letting everything (that’s safe for work) out in the open and not caring if people look at me weird, it also conveniently puts everything in one place, so people don’t have to follow several different blogs and I don’t have to copypaste across two.

So if you like this blog, please follow raydere as well. I’ll see you on there!

~Ray Scarlet

Choose Me
Featuring: Hyadain, Hyadaruko, and Miku
Composed by: Hyadain

I’ve been in a Luka mood for the past day or two.


also my face when i try to type 巡音

A word of caution to males who cosplay: If you cosplay default Len around Len fangirls, you will be reduced to a moeblob.

A word of caution to males who cosplay: If you cosplay default Len around Len fangirls, you will be reduced to a moeblob.


男女双子つながりby PP @pixiv


男女双子つながりby PP @pixiv

> Attempt to find pics tagged as “kagamine_len + trembling” on Safebooru > Why are all these yaoi pics showing u—SHIT I’M ON GELBOORU

thank goodness my back is to the wall, because I’m in a cafe.


Vocaloid covers of Cirno’s Perfect Math Class



i want len’s hair

skeletonlife, on Twitter

Hmm, I could kinda do it if I wanted to (key word being “if I wanted to”), my hair is getting pretty long. Oh wait I’d have to dye my hair blonde. AND it would look weird due to my skin tone.